Welcome to our new blog!

The face of banking has drastically changed since many of us left the employ of Bank of Scotland. There are no more coal fires to be lit before the branch manager arrived each morning, for instance. Health and Safety regulations now prohibit the platform-shoe-sporting office junior from inching along a first-floor window ledge to adjust the external hands on the branch clock.

But I doubt very much that we, those who once upon a time made the Bank of Scotland such a fun place to work, have changed so much.

I know from twenty-eight years experience, just how vocal and enthusiastic us employees could be. We  may have complained about this and that, and in some cases, everything – but that didn’t stop us having fun. And, dare I say it, a definite pride in our work, colleagues and The Bank as it was then. Everyone has a tale or two to share.

And here is the place to do just that.

On this new blog, the plan is to not only communicate details of forthcoming events and recount previous ones, but also encourage the interaction of members.

If you have any memories you would like to share, then please get in touch via the address on the drop-down ‘Blog submissions’ menu from the Contact heading.

We hope you enjoy the revised format – all constructive feedback is welcomed.