Since the new site / blog went ‘live’ almost two weeks ago, there has been a great deal of interest, as attested by almost two and a half thousand ‘hits’ in that short period of time.

It’s lovely to read of other folks’ experiences in The Bank. And indeed to be reminded about what now look to be ‘oh-so-quaint’ practices of our time with Bank of Scotland.

All the submissions so far have been great illustrations of this, and Ruth Eason’s post last night has prompted some feedback / comments / discussion on the Facebook page.

Sure, we all had a good moan from time to time. In the main, we are all Scottish, so to an extent it was to be expected – it would have been difficult to re-write our DNA as part of the application process.

But overall, they were good times, and again as Ruth said, ‘Oh, but we did have fun!!!’

I remain certain there are hundreds of other great, funny, positive tales out there.

Please share!

Your buddies and ex-colleagues would love to hear from you.