Welcome to the new blog for the BANK OF SCOTLAND PENSIONERS’ ASSOCIATION.

In 1986, in a vastly different world that we know today, The Bank of Scotland in common with many other employers of large staffs felt they had a moral obligation to keep in touch with their Pensioners.

The main objective was caring for the well  being of members, associate members and importantly, spouses.

This was achieved by dividing Scotland into areas and having Committees in each area look after its members basically to make sure members had not fallen on hard times or were requiring help for health reasons or were just lonely.   The Bank would fund this social work.

Our area stretches from Balfron to Johnstone and Motherwell.   Interestingly, in 1986 there were approximately 600 pensioners in this area.   Nowadays, there are just under 1200 members.

Sadly, over the intervening years, government legislation meant that other bodies were more qualified to assist those who needed it most.

As a fallout from the mergers with Halifax and Lloyds, we were cast adrift as it were but were given quite generous funds and a free hand in how it was spent providing it was of benefit to pensioners.    Our Committee uses these funds to subsidise lunches, theatre outings, lectures and summer outings.