No Jacket Required.

It may have been acceptable for Phil Collins back in the mid-Eighties, and more recently, the trend-setting England football team manager, Gareth Southgate, but the ‘waistcoat’ look was most definitely frowned in some branches of the bank back in the day.

According to a couple of my managers, it made me look like a railway platform ticket collector (remember them?) and left me ruing the extra expense of buying a smart three-piece suit in the first place.

And yet, my three inch platform shoes and mullet haircut drew no comment. Not to my face at least.

Does anyone have any more unwritten or idiosyncratic ‘rules of the branches,’ they’d be willing to share?



REUNION: Glasgow Chief Office.

I received the following message yesterday, 18th March 2018:

‘We are organising a reunion for colleagues and ex colleagues who worked in Bank if Scotland Glasgow Chief Office. It is on Thursday 29th March in the old banking hall,any time from 5:30pm. If you worked in GCO and would like to attend please get in touch.’

Anyone wishing more information, or indeed register their interest in attending, should contact Lynn Gallagher direct, via her Facebook page.


Since the new site / blog went ‘live’ almost two weeks ago, there has been a great deal of interest, as attested by almost two and a half thousand ‘hits’ in that short period of time.

It’s lovely to read of other folks’ experiences in The Bank. And indeed to be reminded about what now look to be ‘oh-so-quaint’ practices of our time with Bank of Scotland.

All the submissions so far have been great illustrations of this, and Ruth Eason’s post last night has prompted some feedback / comments / discussion on the Facebook page.

Sure, we all had a good moan from time to time. In the main, we are all Scottish, so to an extent it was to be expected – it would have been difficult to re-write our DNA as part of the application process.

But overall, they were good times, and again as Ruth said, ‘Oh, but we did have fun!!!’

I remain certain there are hundreds of other great, funny, positive tales out there.

Please share!

Your buddies and ex-colleagues would love to hear from you.

A Great Big Thank You.

This message was received from Janette Buchanan in advance of the new site going ‘live..’
“Thank you all the Bank of Scotland pensioners who recently submitted suggestions to the Association. It’s great to have your thoughts on what you wish us to organise on your behalf. 
I would encourage you to keep these suggestions coming, submitting your ideas either directly through the Committee in person, or via the Facebook page.
Many thanks, once again. 
Let’s keep talking.’

Welcome to our new blog!

The face of banking has drastically changed since many of us left the employ of Bank of Scotland. There are no more coal fires to be lit before the branch manager arrived each morning, for instance. Health and Safety regulations now prohibit the platform-shoe-sporting office junior from inching along a first-floor window ledge to adjust the external hands on the branch clock.

But I doubt very much that we, those who once upon a time made the Bank of Scotland such a fun place to work, have changed so much.

I know from twenty-eight years experience, just how vocal and enthusiastic us employees could be. We  may have complained about this and that, and in some cases, everything – but that didn’t stop us having fun. And, dare I say it, a definite pride in our work, colleagues and The Bank as it was then. Everyone has a tale or two to share.

And here is the place to do just that.

On this new blog, the plan is to not only communicate details of forthcoming events and recount previous ones, but also encourage the interaction of members.

If you have any memories you would like to share, then please get in touch via the address on the drop-down ‘Blog submissions’ menu from the Contact heading.

We hope you enjoy the revised format – all constructive feedback is welcomed.