A.G.M. 2019 – Minutes.



In the Chair: Alistair Officer

In Attendance: 38 Members and 5 Guests.


Alistair opened the Meeting with a welcome to all attending this, the 32nd Annual General Meeting and thanked them for their support given to the Association in the past year. Alistair proceeded to introduce those at the top table and beyond.


Alistair advised that there had been 13 apologies for absence and read out the names – Bobby Caldwell, Senga Dempster, Bill Hope, John Little, May McAuslane, David Mclean, Edith McWatt, Marion Mooney, Janice O’Donnell, Nella Parker, Fay Platt, Pamela Read and Elspeth Simpson.

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting:

As copies of the Minutes had been made available for several weeks prior to the meeting for anyone who wished and were distributed at the start of the meeting, they were not read out, but were taken as read. For the sake of regularity, Ian Murchison proposed, and Jenni Lowrie seconded, the adoption of the Minutes. On a show of hands, the Minutes were approved.

Business Arising:

There was no Business Arising which would not be covered later in the Agenda.

Chairman’s Report:

Alistair opened his report by saying the Janette had done us proud by organising so many varied events during the past year. They ranged from theatre visits such as ‘Son of a Preacher Man’, ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’, ‘The Case of the Frightened Lady’, ‘Summer Holiday’ and ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Other outings have included a visit to Oran Mor under their ‘A Play, A Pie and A Pint Series, a cruise on the Forth Belle, plus visits to Pollok House and Country Park, Dumfries House and Crossbasket Castle Hotel where we had a superb afternoon tea.

In December we attended the ever popular ‘A West End Christmas’ concert in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, whilst in February we had conducted tours over two days of the stunning building currently occupied by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in St. Vincent Street.

Some of these events had been suggested by members so please let us know if you have any more suggestions for outings and we will look into the feasibility of whatever is suggested.

Most areas held a local lunch and Alistair thanked the Area Convenors for their time and effort in organising these lunches. Alistair continued by giving advance notice of some of the events which are coming up, such as a return to Oran Mor for another play, theatre visits to see ‘The House on Cold Hill’, ‘The Mousetrap’ plus we are returning to Pitlochry Theatre to see ‘Blithe Spirit’. In addition we are going to Rosslyn Chapel later this month.

The membership of the Association at present comprises 1020 pensioners and 121 Widows and Widowers making a total of 1141, a decrease of 14 since the last AGM.

Alistair concluded his report by saying that Jim will give a full financial report later in the meeting but said that we still have a decent bank balance so that we will be keeping the subsidy for lunches and outings for the time being at 50% however he pointed out that while the end of the Association is not imminent it is on the horizon as our funds diminish year after year. Alistair reiterated that the funds belonged to all members so that we will be seeking their opinion on how to proceed with subsidies in due course.

On a personal note, I would like to thank all our Committee Members for all that they do. Particular thanks go to Janette, Raymond, Jim, Bob, Janice and Ann Marie.

Alistair finished off his report by asking if there were any questions, but there were none.

Election of Office-Bearers:

Alistair advised that apart from the post of Treasurer nobody on the current Committee is up for re-election.

Edward McPhee, who was re-elected at last year’s AGM, resigned during the year for personal reasons, but we were lucky enough to persuade Jim Carson to take his place for the rest of the financial year. Jim is thus eligible for re-election and has been proposed to serve as our Treasurer by Alistair Officer and this was seconded by Janette Buchanan. There being no other nominations for the post, Alistair declared that Jim has been appointed as Treasurer for a three year term.

During the past year two new convenors were appointed, Senga Dempster in Strathkelvin & District and Carole McBride in Lanarkshire & District. We are grateful to both ladies for so readily agreeing to take over as convenors. The previous convenors, Graham Scott and Jane McKenna, who had both been in post for a number of years, are due a big thank you from us all for the time and effort they gave to assist in the running of the Association.

Treasurer’s Report:

Copies of the Statement of Accounts for the financial year to 28th February 2019 had been available for a few weeks prior to the meeting and copies were distributed at the beginning of the meeting. Our new Treasurer, Jim Carson, proceeded to explain the figures in greater detail.

Jim began by stating that the contribution from the Bank’s Welfare Fund to cover our Administration costs is calculated on the basis of £750 for every 250 members which means that we are due to receive £3000 every year. Jim stated that the payment is normally received in May and he advised hopefully that the payment for the year ahead should show on our Bank Statement due at the end of the current month.

Bank Interest for the year amounts to £169.00, a result of low interest rates and of course declining bank balances. All the other income comes from you, the members. This is your contributions to lunches, outings talks and theatre visits. As you see these activities have produced income of £18,090.00.

Jim re-iterated that there is a minimal subsidy on theatre tickets so income and expenditure for these events virtually matches with no material divergence.

For the other outings and the Area lunches, the subsidy runs at approximately 50%, so these are the areas where major costs are incurred. You can see the events are listed individually on the Statement so Jim said that he would not go through them individually.

The other costs of running the Association are minimal as every effort is made to contain spending. The overall spending was around £26,200.00. Jim confirmed that all income and expenditure met the budget forecasts.

Jim continued and said that from the statement of accounts, we started with a cash bank balance of £27,338.05 which has been reduced by the £4,944.95 deficit for the year to £22,393.10. This figure includes a current account with a balance of £2,393.10 and a 32 Day Notice account of £20,000.00. In order to meet our commitments in the current financial year, Jim advised that he has transferred £10,000.00 from the 32 Day Notice account into the current account.

Jim went on to advise that reviewing the plans for this current financial year, we are budgeting for a deficit of around £4,500.00. Therefore, the projected cash balance for the year end of February 2020 is around £17,500.00.

Various committees over the years have done a fantastic job of keeping the Association running with ongoing programmes of varied entertaining, relevant and interesting events. Therefore the Association provides a very worthwhile function for members by facilitating contact with friends and colleagues while at the same time providing much appreciated entertainment.

Finally, Jim said that it would be remiss of him not to remind us all that all things staying the same and with the current deficit run rate of around £5,000 per annum, we are looking at the Association funds running out in four years time.

In conclusion, Jim thanked George Martin, our Independent Examiner of Accounts, for the prompt and efficient manner in which he has once again carried out his duties and to Edward McPhee for his earlier stewardship of the finances. Finally, Jim asked if there were any questions on the accounts, but there were none.

Alistair then said that we should record our grateful thanks to Jim for his report and the meticulous way that he has provided the Association with the financial information required. Finally, Alistair asked if the Statement of Accounts could be formally adopted. At this point, Alan McMahon proposed and Alan Stevenson seconded, the adoption of the Accounts. On a show of hands, the Statement of Accounts was approved.

Election of Independent Examiner of Accounts:

Alistair advised that, George Martin had agreed to continue in this role and was proposed by Raymond Elder and seconded by Alistair Officer to be the Independent Examiner of Accounts for the coming year. There being no other nominations, George was duly appointed as such.

Any Other Competent Business:

There was no other competent business.

Chairman’s Closing Remarks:

As he formally closed the meeting, Alistair thanked Raymond for his meticulous preparation for today’s meeting and said that he was looking forward to another successful and enjoyable year and hoped that everyone would enjoy the lunch which was to follow. ______________________________________________________________________________________