A.G.M. 2018 – Minutes.



In the Chair:  Jane McKenna

In Attendance: 42 Members and 9 Guests.


Jane opened the Meeting with a welcome to all attending this, the 32nd Annual General Meeting and thanked them for their support given to the Association in the past year.


Alistair Officer advised that there had been 10 apologies for absence this year – Ian Dunlop, George and Marelle Martin, Claire McKenzie, Ann and John Mitchell, Janice O’Donnell, Nella Parker, Alan Steven and Hasie Young.

Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting:

As copies of the Minutes had been made available for several weeks prior to the meeting for anyone  who wished and were distributed at the start of the meeting, they were not read out, but were taken  as read.   For the sake of regularity, Bill Hope proposed, and John Marr seconded, the adoption of the Minutes.  On a show of hands, the Minutes were approved.

Business Arising:

There was no Business Arising which would not be covered later in the Agenda.

Chairman’s Report:

Jane opened by saying that she was today, standing down from the Committee, of which she has been involved in for around seventeen years.

Initially she was Secretary, following on from Marie McWatters, then as a co-opted member during her tenure as Pensioners’ Liaison Officer and, latterly, as Area Convener of Lanarkshire & District  following the tragic, sudden, death of her long-term friend & colleague, Barbara McTaggart. She is  now handing over to Carole McBride and she knows that the Area will be in good hands.

Jane continued stating that she would like to thank all who have served on Committee over these  seventeen years.  In particular, she would like to thank Edith, who has served as Membership Secretary from Day One.   In recent years her role has been less onerous, less satisfying, due to  non-communication with ‘the Bank’.

Thanks to Janette & Raymond go without saying.  Without their hard work & dedication Glasgow & District would not be the success it is today. Our current membership is 1151 made up of 1031  Pensioners and 120 Widows, Widowers etc.

When we received our ‘severance payment’ from ‘the Bank’ ten years ago, we calculated we could  continue for five to seven years. Due to good management by DAG Wilson & Janette, we still have  a very healthy balance. Eddie will speak about our financial position next.

Jane asked everyone to look around and then think of the average age of those here. There is little new blood coming in and we can’t expect Janette & Raymond to continue indefinitely.

Over those seventeen years there has been healthy debate on Committee.  However, over the last year, or so, Jane felt that a faction seemed intent on causing havoc. We have had sub committees, sub, sub committees and sub, sub, sub committees.

We had, what Jane considered, a perfectly adequate website, run by Alistair. We now have a new all singing, all dancing website which appears to have been well received. We also have a new Facebook Page.

Jane finished by saying that she feels we need to think to the future. How long can we continue?  How long should we continue?

Treasurer’s Report:

Copies of the Statement of Accounts for the financial year to 28th February 2018 had been available  prior to the meeting and copies were distributed at the beginning of the meeting.

Eddie opened by saying that he would now talk about the main items in the accounts and that he would of course be pleased to answer any questions there maybe once he had finished.

However before he began he said that he would like to sincerely thank John Marr, past Chair of our association, who stepped in to independently audit these accounts.

Turning to the accounts and to the income side Eddie pointed out that we again received an administration grant from the bank of £3,000.00.  We also received interest income of £234.37 and a compensation payment from the bank of £50.00.  The compensation was paid because of the time it took the bank to recognise the change of Treasurer and setup electronic banking, and my thanks go to Raymond Elder who was tenacious in getting the bank to do what it had to do.  This sector of the income for the year totalled  £3,284.37.   The remaining income shown in the accounts relate to members contributions to the various outings and events which took place during the year which came to £16,499.69.  The combined income for the year was £19,784.06.

Eddie continued by turning to the expenditure incurred during the year when we had 7 theatre visits, 2 outings, a lunch and a talk as well as the usual Christmas Lunch arranged by each area and the AGM costs.  Collectively these were subsidised at a cost of £8,332.45.  Our administrative and sundry expenditure amounted to £1,532.84 which was higher than normal.

Eddie said when he took over as Treasurer it very quickly became apparent to him that he didn’t have the necessary skills to continue to run the accounts of the association on a series of spreadsheets.

Bob Jackson provided a licensed copy of an accounting package and the Association purchased a  second hand laptop to run the software.  This had an un-budgeted cost to the association of £218.00.   Also during the year Raymond got a great deal on paper and self-sealing envelopes, and we use lots  of them both.  He purchased a few years supply for just over £400.00.  Our total expenditure for the  year was £26,364.98 resulting in a Capital Reduction for the year of £6,580.92.

Our cash reserves comprise of a 32 day deposit of £20,000.  Eddie decided that we could no longer  deposit funds for a fixed period of a year because of the continuing capital reduction process.  We also have a current account balance of £7,372.42 and an accrual of £350 giving a total of £27,722.42 which is a little better than the budget that was approved at last year’s AGM which anticipated an asset total of £27,000.00.

For this coming year we have a budgeted a further capital reduction of £6,400.00 which will reduce our cash balance to £20,600.00.

Finishing up Eddie asked for any questions on the accounts and expressed the hope that he would be able to answer them.

Jane asked what the cost to the Association was of setting up the new Website. She was advised that  this was set up with no cost to the Association whatsoever.

Finally, Jane asked if the Statement of Accounts could be formally adopted.   At this point, Senga  Dempster proposed and David AG Wilson seconded, the adoption of the Accounts.  On a show of  hands, the Statement of Accounts was approved.

Proposed Changes to the Constitution:

Jane said that everyone present had a copy of the current Constitution together with a note of the  proposed changes and that she would speak on each change in turn, starting with:

Section 3. The Objectives of the Association shall be:

We propose deleting paragraph (b) relating to welfare, leaving the one objective of :

‘To provide a social network and a range of social events and activities for its  members’.

This change is recognising the current position the Association is in. There were no  objections to this change.

Section 5. Office Bearers 

We propose that the Office Bearers shall be Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer  and Events Co-ordinator.  In addition we propose that the position of Membership  Secretary no longer be considered as an Office Bearer.

This change is reflecting the less onerous tasks undertaken by the Membership  Secretary due to the lack of contact with the Bank.

There followed a brief discussion after which these changes were agreed by  majority vote.

Section 6. Management Committee

We propose that the Management Committee shall consist of the Office Bearers plus  up to three co-opted members.

The result of this change is that Area Convenors will not have to attend meetings of the Management Committee.  In addition the immediate past Chair will no longer attend these meetings.

Some discussion took place, after which these changes were agreed by majority vote.

Section 8. Term of Office

We propose that the Chair and Vice-Chair shall hold office for a maximum term of up to three years, all other elections are for three years but Office Bearers and Management Committee Members will be eligible for a further term, provided the terms of Section 7 above are complied with.    This change is amending the terms of holding office from two years to a maximum term of up to three years.

A brief discussion took place, after which this change was agreed.

Section 14. Quorums

We propose that a quorum at a Management Committee Meeting shall be 4 (four). In addition we propose that a quorum at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall be 20 (twenty).

The first change reflects the reduced size of the Management Committee from  14 (fourteen) to 8 (eight).

The second change is being proposed to reflect the reduction in the number of members attending such meetings in recent years.

There were no objections to these changes.

Section 15. Chair

We propose renaming the Deputy Chair as Vice-Chair.

There were no objections to this change.

Section 25. Dissolution

We propose inserting at the end of the second sentence ‘e.g. the Bank of Scotland  Charitable Foundation’.

This change is being made to be more specific as to where any residual cash is given  in the event of the Dissolution of the Association.

There were no objections to this final change.

Election of Office-Bearers:

Before continuing at this point Jane formally handed over to the incoming Chair, Alistair Officer who thanked Jane for serving the Association in various capacities over the past seventeen years and asked those present to show their appreciation in the usual manner.

Alistair read out the following Nominations which had been received:

Position                          Nominee                    Proposed by               Seconded by

Events Co-Ordinator      Janette Buchanan       Raymond Elder           Janice O’Donnell

Membership Secretary   Edith McWatt             Jane McKenna             Janette Buchanan

Secretary                        Raymond Elder         Janette Buchanan        Jane McKenna
Co-opted Member          Bob Jackson             Graham Scott                Raymond Elder

Co-opted Member         Janice O’Donnell        Alistair Officer               Raymond Elder

Co-opted Member         Ann Marie McGuinness  Bob Jackson             Graham Scott

Vice-Chair                    Janette Buchanan      Alistair Officer                Raymond Elder

Jane asked about the co-opted members and specifically why Bob was included. The reasons given  were because he was the new Website Administrator and also prepared the flyers for all the  Association events.  Alistair asked for a show of hands from those in favour of Bob being included  on the committee.  The result was that by an overwhelming majority with only three voting against,  Bob was elected to serve on the committee for a three year term.

Pamela Read said that she was hurt at the way she felt that she was being excluded from committee  meetings. Fay Platt said that her understanding was that Area Convenors were not being left out  completely and would be advised of the dates of committee meetings and also by receiving the minutes of those committee meetings.

Ann Marie was included as a Website Liaison person and initially thought of as a possible  representative of the local area lunch convenors.  Ann Marie then said that the latter role was felt  to be unnecessary but hoped that she would be able to contribute in other ways whilst on the Management Committee.

There being no further nominations, all other nominees were elected to serve in their various  capacities for a three year term.

Election of Independent Examiner of Accounts:

Alistair advised that because John Marr agreed at last year’s AGM to be our Independent Examiner  of Accounts for one year only, we needed to appoint someone else at this meeting.  Alistair continued by saying that George Martin had been proposed by Jane McKenna and seconded by Raymond Elder to be the Independent Examiner of Accounts for the coming year. There being no other nominations, George was duly appointed as such.

Any Other Competent Business:

There was no other competent business.

Chairman’s Closing Remarks:

Alistair stated that the future is unknown but we still have considerable funds left thanks to Janette’s excellent organising and negotiating skills. The Association should continue for at least another three years, and hopefully longer as long as the funds and the willingness of Office Bearers hold out.

Alistair spoke briefly on the new Website – BOSPEN.co.uk. The old website was basically for providing information only on our activities.  The new one is interactive and provides details of future events but we need your participation for it to work to its full potential. Alistair asked everyone to think back to their time in the Bank and if you have good stories or funny stories then please let Bob or Ann Marie know.  Your story may jog the memory of someone else. It is there for you, so please use it.

We also have a new Facebook page – BOSPEN.  If you ’like’ our page you will receive notification of new events and entries as soon as they are posted.

Finally, in the absence of any other business, Alistair thanked Raymond for making the necessary arrangements for today, and then formally closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their  attendance and hoped that they would enjoy the lunch which was to follow.