AGM Minutes 24/5/2022





ON 24TH MAY 2022.

In the Chair:​Alistair Officer

In Attendance:​27 Members and 5 Guests.

Welcome & Introduction:

Alistair opened the Meeting with a welcome to all attending this, the 34th Annual General Meeting, whilst pointing out that it would really have been the 36th if it had not been for the pandemic.  Alistair went on to thank everyone for their support given to the Association in the past and expressed the hope that they would continue to do so in the future.

On a more sombre note, Alistair intimated that since the last Annual General Meeting in 2019, we had lost three stalwarts of the Association, first our Treasurer, Jim Carson, our past Treasurer, David Wilson and last but by no means least, our Membership Secretary, Edith McWatt.  All three will always be remembered with great affection.


Alistair advised that there had been 12 apologies for absence and read out the names – Mae Horne, Bob Jackson, John & Jean Marr, George & Marelle Martin, David & Sheila Mclean, Janice O’Donnell, Pamela Read, Phylis Ross and George Thomson.

Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting:

As copies of the Minutes had been made available for several weeks prior to the meeting for anyone who wished and were also available at the start of the meeting, they were not read out, but were taken as read.   For the sake of regularity, Jenny Seggie proposed, and Marjorie Wilson seconded, the adoption of the Minutes.  On a show of hands, the Minutes were approved.

Business Arising:

There was no Business Arising which would not be covered later in the Agenda.

Chairmans Report:

Alistair began his report by advising that the membership of the Association at present comprises 964 pensioners and 112 Widows and Widowers making a total of 1076. We have lost 56 members and 9 widows or widowers since the 2019 AGM.  Alistair pointed out that this was a sure sign that the Association cannot go on forever.

In early 2020, we had a number of outings planned but one by one they fell by the wayside due to the restrictions imposed on us due to Corona Virus. Alistair said that special thanks are due to Janette as she had a considerable amount of additional work cancelling events and refunding people.

At present, we have arranged an outing to Pitlochry Theatre in June and this sold out very quickly. We have also arranged a visit to the House for an Art Lover in September and it looks as if this will also sell out very quickly.  Alistair asked if anyone had any suggestions for events they should speak to Janette or any committee member. All suggestions will be carefully considered to see if they are logistically practicable, given the number of members who are likely to apply.

Alistair went on to remind everyone that back in early 2020 we sent out a survey to canvas the views of our members on how the Association meets your requirements and on how you see the Association working over the next few years. The end results are as follows:

+557 surveys were sent out and we received 159 responses

​+15 members asked to be taken off the mailing list

​+Level of subsidy for events – retain at 50%

​+Coach Hire – continue with coach hire where appropriate

​+Theatre Tickets – willing to pay anything from £15.00 to £60.00 per ticket

​+Area Lunches – various months during the year were suggested

​+Website – only occasionally viewed

​+Help with Events – 3 people offered their services in some way or other

+Suggestions for events – 47 suggestions were received, 22 of which were repeats. 

Although some of the other suggestions were not logistically possible due to a number of varying factors, there are some suggestions which will feature in our up-coming events programme.

Alistair advised that because our events programme has been practically non-existent over the past two years the Association’s bank balance has actually increased as last year we received the annual grant of £3000.00 from the Bank. Accordingly your Committee has decided to increase the level of subsidy to 60% and will discount theatre tickets costing more than £30 by £10 per ticket as a thank you to all those who have, and hopefully will continue to, support our programme of events. This subsidy will be kept under constant review as we add more events to our programme in the future.

Alistair wound up his report by pointing out that in future all theatre tickets will be e-tickets with a QR code which you may display on your phone.  This will make it quite difficult and cause more work for Janette when she deals with our block bookings.  However Janette will print out paper copies of individual tickets which will then enable everyone to gain access to the theatre.

Election of Office-Bearers, Management Committee & new Treasurer:

As intimated in the Notice calling this Annual General Meeting, Alistair advised that all members of your Management Committee should have been eligible for re-election at the 2021 Annual General Meeting. However your Management Committee proposes to extend the tenure of those members, except for the position of Treasurer, to the 2023 Annual General Meeting as a sensible approach given the unusual and unforeseen circumstances encountered in the past two years.

We therefore are now seeking your approval to this proposal by a show of hands. Alistair asked if anyone have any objections to this approach, but there were no objections. On a show of hands, the proposal was carried unanimously and Alistair thanked everyone for their support on this matter.

Alistair continued by saying that after the untimely death of Jim Carson, Fiona Griffin agreed to take over as our Treasurer and subsequently was duly co-opted onto the Management Committee. Fiona is eligible for re-election and this has been proposed by Janette Buchanan and seconded by Raymond Elder.  There being no other nominations received, Fiona was duly elected as Treasurer for the usual three year term.

Treasurer’s Report:

Copies of the Statements of Accounts for the financial years to 29th February 2020, 28th February 2021 and 28th February 2022 had been available for a few weeks prior to the meeting and copies were distributed at the beginning of the meeting.  Fiona proceeded to explain the figures shown in the Statement of Accounts for the financial year ended 28th February 2022

Fiona began by stating that the contribution from the Bank’s Welfare Fund to cover our Administration costs is calculated on the basis of £750 for every 250 members which means that we are due to receive £3000 every year. Fiona stated that the payment is normally received in May/June each year.  We did not receive the payment in the financial year ended 28th February 2021 probably because we could not hold any events that year due to the pandemic.  However Fiona advised that we did get the grant for the financial year ended 28th February 2022.  We are hopeful that we will get the payment for the year ahead in the next few weeks.

Bank Interest for the latest year amounts to a paltry £3.08, a result of extremely low interest rates and of course declining bank balances.  All the other income comes from you, the members. This is your contributions for the Book of Mormon and for the Strathkelvin & District Christmas lunch.  

On the expenditure side the only entries cover the previously mentioned Book of Mormon and the Strathkelvin & District Christmas Lunch.

Fiona continued and said that from the Statement of Accounts, we started with bank balances totalling £19,656.45 which has been increased by a surplus for the year of £2,631.08 making an overall total at the year-end of £22,287.53.  As previously mentioned this surplus is mainly the result of our receiving the Bank grant of £3,000.00.  The overall total is made up of the current account balance of £12,022.35 and the 32 Day Notice account of £10,000.00 plus compound interest accrued of £265.18.

Alistair thanked Fiona for her report and asked if anyone had any questions on the previous two financial years Statements of Accounts. As there were no further points raised on the Association’s finances, Alistair asked if all three of the Statements of Accounts could be formally adopted.  At this point, Alan McMahon proposed and Nancy Kerr seconded, the adoption of all three yearsAccounts.  On a show of hands, all three years Statements of Accounts were approved.

Election of Independent Examiner of Accounts:

Alistair advised that, George Martin had agreed to continue in this role and was proposed by himself and seconded by Raymond Elder to be the Independent Examiner of Accounts for the coming year. There being no other nominations received, George was duly appointed as such.

Any Other Competent Business:

There was no other competent business.

Chairman’s Closing Remarks:

As he formally closed the meeting, Alistair thanked, Raymond for his meticulous preparation for today’s meeting as well as everyone for coming along today. Finally, Alistair said that he hoped to see everyone at least some of our future events, corona virus permitting, and hoped that everyonewould enjoy the lunch which was to follow.