Patricia Cockburn BEM

THEN (1968)

On 10th June 1968 I started in the typing pool (Foreign Section) at Glasgow Chief Office.

Or at least, I should have.

In those days there was  a rather high circular reception ‘hub’ staffed by Gail Caldwell. On arrival Gail introduced me to Alex Alexander on the Foreign Till and, ever the gentleman,  he took me across to Ledgers to meet Alice Ferrier.

After being given a desk, chair and a pile of paperwork I began working my way through this, wondering all the while when I would be given a typewriter. (Remember, I was a quiet 21 year old then who didn’t want to rock the boat … but this wasn’t what I signed up for!

Eventually it was tea break and I found the courage to point out that I thought I would be typing rather than doing clerical work. At last the penny dropped!

The person who was expected to join Ledgers never did arrive, and I was taken upstairs to meet the lovely Jessie Dunn who supervised the typing pool. Tom Ness was  the Manager of Foreign Department, as it was then.

NOW (2018)

I remember everyone was on a bit of a ‘high’ as that weekend was the last day of Saturday working.

We had a good canteen at that time but the queue was unbelievable, so we were allowed to cross over to Renfield Street where there was a cafe/tearoom (up a close!) owned by the Rangers legend George Young.

The hot rolls beat the canteen hands down!

Happy days indeed.

(Submitted by Patricia Cockburn.)