Oh but we did have fun!!!

I began my banking career in 1961 as a junior as Strathbungo branch. So long ago that even I can hardly remember it, but some things stick in your mind forever.

In those far off days,Juniors were on a three year apprenticeship and obviously ‘going the messages’ was essential training for up and coming bankers.

“Roll and cheese no butter.”
“Roll and ham – make sure there’s no fat on the ham.”
“Two sticky buns. And while you’re there get me a loaf. Make sure it’s a fresh one mind.”

All these instructions filled my head as I trotted off to the dairy at the end of the road, then back to the branch to make the tea. Two sugars. Milk in first etc, etc.

Once all that excitement was over it was off to the sparse basement  (dirt floor and a single light bulb) to file the cheques, Oh, and I nearly forgot – I had to put a shovel full of coal in to the furnace. This task involved putting on a large heavy duty glove, getting the coal with a huge shovel, opening the furnace door and throwing in the coal. A bit like a stoker, really.

In the Sixties, branches closed at three o’clock and the cheques had to be sent by registered mail to GCO. The package was sealed with sealing wax and stamped with the Bank’s seal. This onerous task was relegated to the Junior. It involved the lighting of a gas jet, which being a bit temperamental used to shoot out the pipe in the wall like a flame thrower.

You could always tell the juniors, they were the ones with no eyebrows and frizzy hair.

Oh but we did have fun!!!

Then there was the joy of going on relief, being sent to parts of Glasgow / Scotland you had never heard of never mind been to.

At a  branch I went to on three different buses, workmen were moving the safe from one side of the office to the other. I have no idea why.

Unfortunately it got stuck in the middle. Much sucking of teeth and discussion took place and the decision was made to leave it there overnight, hoping that the next day would not find us with the safe in the cellar and a large hole in the floor. As the safe was blocking the way out of the office, staff had to climb over the telling box grill.

In a 1960’s mini skirt that was not easy.

In another branch which is now long gone, the boys on relief had to cut the grass and the girls had to feed the resident cat.

Oh but we did have fun!!!

(Submitted by Ruth Eason.)