Dave Marshall, DJ – January 2018

Dave Marshall had gone down so well last year, our members wanted him back as soon as possible.

On a cold, wet and snowy day in January, seventy hardy souls ventured forth and were not disappointed.

Dave had added the 70’s and 80’s to his repertoire and we are one of the fist to hear it.   His talk and presentation evoked memories of many things which we had forgotten.

Gadgety and technology have perhaps made the biggest changes but entertainment has also changed   It is s hard to imagine the prices of most everyday articles but then we weren’t earning as much.

The most important thing is that our memories have not changed and it is great to be able to look back and remember life as it used to be.

All these memories are precious not only to us but to all in the Association and if you could take a few moments of your very precious time, please go to the last page on the web site and send those memories/thoughts to our Administrator for publication.Banking will never be the same again and what any of you have done since leaving is also of great interest to the rest of us

(Submitted by Janette Buchanan.)