Paisley & District Annual Lunch.

On the 20th February Paisley and District held their annual lunch at the Lynnhurst Hotel in Johnstone. The photos reflect the hungry pensioners before being served.
***Personal note from Admin Colin***
“Aah! The good ol’ Lynnhurst! My ‘home’ for about four months back in 1989 when I was transferred from Manchester Branch to Johnstone. And here I am, thirty years later and still living in the same area. Are the steaks still as good?”


Young at 103!

Picture taken 28th November 2018

J Haswell Young, a truly remarkable man and a well respected and well-liked ex colleague known affectionately by all as “Hassie, was born in 1915 which makes him 103 years young.

Bob Jackson and Graham Scott visited him in Erskine Care Home on 28th November and pieced together some of his banking life. His memory of people and events is exceptional and he both looks and sounds just as he did when he retired from Bank of Scotland as Manager of Queen Street Branch, Glasgow in 1975.
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Take a Bow – a message from Janette.

Take a bow, all BOSPEN (Glasgow & District) members!

The stage is set – throughout the month of October we will be going to three theatre events. There has been a wonderful response to the flyers, and one hundred and sixty-nine people will be attending theses social outings!

On behalf of your committee, a huge thanks for your continued support.