‘Margaret Saves Scotland.’ (A Play, A Pie & A Pint.) – April 2018

This was our first visit to the Oran Mor, in Glasgow’s West End – and what a popular event it turned out. We had initially reserved forty tickets, thinking that would have been adequate, but an unprecedented response led to our increasing the booking to seventy-five.

This was unique experience – as it says on the tin: A Play, a Pie & A Pint …. at lunchtime.

To quote Senga Dempster, this play by renowned Scottish, bestseller author Val McDermid, was ‘fabulous;’ full of humour and with a little music sprinkled in.

After the show, we were fortunate to meet with actress Tori Burgess, who played the part of Margaret.
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(Submitted by Janette Buchanan.)